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AC-11 Caps - 30 Capsules

AC-11 Caps - 30 Capsules

Our Health Benefits Begin Where Antioxidant Benefits End.   ac-11® assists the body's nat..


DNA Life Caps  - 60 Capsules

DNA Life Caps - 60 Capsules

The body has approximately 100 trillion cells.  Each cell contains approximately 5 feet of DNA...


AC-11 Advanced Skin Repair Serum - 30ml

AC-11 Advanced Skin Repair Serum - 30ml

Natural DNA Repair to protect and repair the skin while helping to make it look firmer, youn..


Protein Powder Hempeatein Pro - With AC-11

Protein Powder Hempeatein Pro - With AC-11

Lean Muscle Protein Powder - Hempeatein Pro™Lean muscle protein powder designed to give DNA support ..


Dr. Becky Maes, MD

Physician, Author, Speaker and Nutritional Wellness Coach

Dr. Maes has been seeking out cutting-edge nutritional solutions to share with the world since retiring from her successful gastroenterology medical practice in 2006.  Her devotion to total wellness allows her the ability to impact hundreds of thousands of people through safe and effective natural modalities.

"The ac-11® nutritional technology is cutting edge and I truly feel it is superior to anything available today.  Out of the hundreds of products I have looked at and tried over the years, this particular product is one of the best cellular rejuvenation products out there today.  In fact, in my professional opinion, I would go as far to say that it is the best product of this type available.  Moreover, it has the clinical backing proving its ability to repair our cellular DNA."

ac-11® and Natural DNA Repair Opens up a World of Possibilities


         Promotes healthy aging by enhancing the body’s natural ability to repair DNA

         Helps repair damage to the skin due to exposure to the sun

         Decreases  fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen production in the skin

         Boosts energy and vitality

         Improves sleep and mood

         Supports and maintains healthy functioning of the cells


Proven and Effective


ac-11® is supported by a  history of research, including numerous scientific studies that have generated over 40 published, peer-reviewed papers and related articles.


These studies demonstrate statistically significant reduction in DNA damage, as well as measurable enhancement and optimization of the body's natural mechanisms for DNA repair.